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Below you will find the different lectures Frida can offer


Because of. Corona, it is now possible to book online lectures

Sweatshop - Deadly Fashion

What is it like to work and live as a textile worker in Cambodia?

What happens when you send three youths and a film team to explore the dark sides of the garment industry?

In this lecture you'll hear more about Frida's experiences participating in Sweatshop season 1 and 2.


From being a "shopper", to become an activist - Frida takes you on a motivational and inspiring lecture that touches on the themes of ethical production, living wages, human rights, accountability and consumer power.

Content: Viewing one episode of "Sweatshop" + lecture + discussion + questions from the audience

Time: 1.5 hours - (Can be shortened and extended as desired. Minimum: 30 min, Maximum: 3 school hours)


MAGI - Minimal Action Great Impact

Never before has there been as much talk about climate, sustainability and ethics as now, and for good reasons. How can we change course?

How can we all contribute?


In this lecture, we take a closer look at specific and simple actions each one of us can take to contribute to the cause of climate.

Frida wants to raise awareness- and highlight important issues such as social sustainability, focusing on working conditions in the garment industry, micro plastics, the meat industry and cultivation of foods.


The purpose is to create positive attitudes about the topics and to inspire to new perspectives and act accordingly, and to create engagement on a personal level.

Everyone can do something - together we make a difference.

Content: Video view + lecture + questions from the audience (if desired: survey and / or

Time: 1.5 hours - (Can be shortened and extended as desired.

Minimum 30 min, Maximum 3 school hours)

A drop in the ocean

The world is constantly changing, and it is more important than ever to understand our significance in the further development.

How can we make a positive change?


This is a lecture on following our dreams, finding our place in society as a young entrepreneur, creating something that adds value to society and the world. Frida clarifies how we can all create positive ripple effects.


Frida shares from her own story, from being a naive youth to experiencing the reality of textile workers in Cambodia, which later has created a huge engagement and commitment to causes like climate- and justice. Today she works as a professional speaker, "greenfluencer", artist and blogger.

Content: Video view + lectures + questions from the audience

Time: 1 hour - (Can be shortened and extended as desired.

Minimum 20 min, Maximum 2 school hours)



"It is clear that Frida Ottesen is passionate about spreading the message of consumer responsibility when it comes to safeguarding human rights in the production of clothes. Using illustrative photos and accomplished speaking skills, she engaged us at HSN to contribute to fair trade."

   Nina Marie Andersen, Fairtrade-coordinator HSN

"Frida has an incredibly beautiful and vibrant storytelling style and a great commitment to an important cause.

She communicated this in a brilliant way, and kept the attention of 120 nineteen-year-olds without a problem for one hour. We have already booked Frida for the next school year. "

Karine Risnes, 

Teacher at "Global Solidarity", Ringerike Folkehøgskole

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. In fact, they are the only ones who have ever changed it."

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