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The Labor Museum,"Arbeidermuseet", was so lucky to receive a visit by Frida Ottesen for a lecture on the textile industry today. This material has great relevance to our own Norwegian history of the textile industry.

Frida gave an excellent lecture!

She is very engaged, and her message combines both seriousness and optimism. There lies optimism for the future behind her message.

Frida is both wise, courageous and knowledgeable and the way she presents her own experiences creates a special nerve in the lecture.

She is a strong voice in the social debate and will be an important driver in the work on ethical trade in the future.

-Miriam Røsler og Gro Røde ved Arbeidermuseet Oslo

Here at Godalen High School we were so lucky to experience Frida give a lecture on the textile industry. Several classes were present, from VG1, 2 and 3, Design and Crafts. Both students and teachers were clearly both touched, engaged and enlightened on this topic. With a deep seriousness in the bottom, Frida really managed to clarify these topics of clothes and  justice, and make us all think and philosophize about our way of life. She did this by both dramatizing, using humor, and being factual.

- Kjetil Hana, lector at Godalen Videregående skole

"Frida is incredibly good at conveying! She uses an easy-to-understand language and gets good contact with the audience. She is good at using her own insights and experiences in a way that makes the topics more understandable to the public in all age groups. She also has very great knowledge within the topic of climate! Both our students and other listeners came with very good feedback after the lectures, and we have decided to use Frida also next school year! "

- Elise Skjenald, Office Manager at Bømlo Folkehøgskule

Frida gives lectures that allow 105 students in high school ("vocational" and "general studies") to sit quietly, excitedly, pending the continuation. She speaks straight out about difficult issues that she experiences as unfair, but is also clear that "heart matters" can be the different for certain people. Frida has been on a very special journey, physically to Cambodia - but psychically from self-defined "shopping" girl to asking the uncomfortable questions about where things come from. "Everytime you spend money you cast a vote for the world you want" is a phrase that says a lot about consumer power, and Frida gives concrete examples that even a few people, maybe just a single one, can make a positive difference.
Frida makes the students aware in a way that allows them to get to know about their own involvement.

Student comments in one of the lectures:
"Just want to say you touched me a lot with EVERYTHING you talked about! Thank you very much, I needed this »

- Julie Ane Ødegaard Borg ved Rafto Foundation for Human Rights

We thought Frida's lecture was inspiring and exciting. The way she communicates with we students is truly unique. The lecture has left many traces. We have learned to ask questions, and now think a little more about what - and where we shop. We thought it was cool that she told us about her prehistory and about her experiences in Cambodia. The message she brings is important, and she is a wonderful messenger because of her dedication. We can confidently say that this lecture was one of the best of last year's theme days, and we look forward to listening to her again

- Kamilla Dahl og Sofie Meilegård Arnesen, fellows at

Nordhordaland FHS

"Frida has an incredibly beautiful and vibrant storytelling style and a great commitment to an important cause.

She communicated this in a brilliant way, and kept the attention of 120 nineteen-year-olds without a problem for one hour. We have already booked Frida for the next school year. "

- Karine Risnes, Teacher at "Global Solidarity", Ringerike Folkehøgskole

"It is clear that Frida Ottesen is passionate about spreading the message of consumer responsibility when it comes to safeguarding human rights in the production of clothes. Using illustrative photos and accomplished speaking skills, she engaged us at HSN to contribute to fair trade."

- Nina Marie Andersen, Fairtrade Coordinator at HSN

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